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It is my pleasure to be providing this letter of reference for Mr. Nate Smith or Dirt by Design. We were very lucky in having this relationship with Nate; he provided the expertise that we needed to build this facility from start to finish. This ensured that we constructed a facility for people of all ages and skill levels, and that we spent our money efficiently.

Todd Case, Mayor, Township of Warwick—Watford Bike Park Project 2012

The Parks and Recreation department have worked closely with Nate Smith and Dirt by Design since the summer of 2010. Beginning in 2013 Dirt by Design took over the inspection and maintenance of the Kiwanis Bike Park from City staff, the result has been extremely beneficial. Each spring the entire Bike Park is rebuilt to exacting standards and each week the facility is inspected to ensure it is safe and operating properly. The expertise Nate and his team bring to the table is unique and difficult to replicate and we hope to continue this relationship into the future.

Patti Ross, Parks Manager, Manager of Horticulture—City of Sarnia

The work being produced is top notch, no corners are being cut and the result is a trail that is not only functional and safe but visually stunning. These trails add value to our community and benefit our people. We thank Mr. Smith and the team at Dirt by Design Trails Inc for the vision of what was possible and the uncompromised dedication to delivering a quality product.”

Trevor Duquette, Supervisor, Parks Projects—City of Windsor

These trails are amazing, the city needs to get the word about this, probably not what you would expect from a risk manager but its hard to deny what an asset this is. The attention to detail is impressive

Marc Gomes, Claims Administrator, Risk Assessment—City of Windsor

The riders are so excited to see what’s coming next from Nate and his crew at Dirt by Design. The projects he’s completed are fantastic and have become the most popular trails in Malden Park, to know they will be completing the next 3 trails gives everyone a lot of confidence.

Jonathan Gignac, Board Member, Windsor Essex Mountain Bike Association

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